10 Breakthrough Technologies 2021

10 breakthrough technologies 2021

MIT technology review lists the 10 breakthrough technologies 2021 report. The report highlights innovations that will bring improvements in vaccination, data protection and others.

First on the list was Messenger RNA vaccines which have been in the works for 20 years. The two most effective vaccines against the coronavirus are based on messenger RNA. “This could transform medicine and lead to vaccines against various infectious diseases including malaria”.

Other technologies on the list included:

Tik Tok recommended algorithms  

Tik Tok has become of the world’s fastest-growing social networks. The algorithms that Tik Tok use means users can become instantly famous. Tik Tok works differently than other social media platforms in which the algorithms favour users with huge followings. Therefore, Tik Tok can remove a new creator from obscurity just as likely as it is to recommend a known star.

Data trusts

A legal entity that collects and manages people data. It is an alternative to technology companies’ poor management of personal information and data.

Green hydrogen

As a replacement for fossil fuels. This is hydrogen that is generated by electrolysis (splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen). This will enable us to make liquid synthetic fuels that are replacements for gasoline or diesel.

Digital Contact tracing

 As covid spread, there were discussions about how digital contact tracing will help. This is one technology that failed due to having trouble convincing people to use them. This is a lesson for the future in the event of another pandemic.

Remote work

The pandemic had a significant impact on the way we work. This shift has been critical in healthcare and education. In parts of the world with a lack of medical care, remote healthcare has been a blessing.

Multi-skilled AI

The past few years have brought about advances in speech technology, vision technology and natural language processing. A promising approach is to develop the skills of AI by combining these abilities into a single AI system.

You can read the “10 breakthrough technologies 2021” full MIT report here.

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