5 Human Resource Tech Trends For Your Business

Covid-19 has changed the way we work. Therefore, this has placed a different kind of pressure on HR managers as they now have to help employees in navigating the new normal. Here are 5 human resource tech trends for your business!

Remote teams:

Remote work is one of the biggest trends this year due to the pandemic. Fortunately, technology has solutions that will help in bringing remote teams together. Thanks to collaborative project management software like Slack and cloud-based HR platforms, being in the same location, is no longer an issue.

Virtual recruiting experiences:

HR managers can increase the pace of the candidate screening process with chatbots. A chatbot can work with augmented analytics and automation platforms to manage communication. Chatbots can set up calls and meetings and answer questions candidates might have about the recruitment process. With technology, HR managers can have virtual interviews with potential candidates.

Employee self-service software:

ESS is a software that allows employees to complete tasks like checking pay statements, updating benefits and changing their direct deposit without HR having to do so. HR departments can turn to ESS to free up their time.

Increased data security:

The time of handing out payslips has come to an end. Companies can keep their employee data safe in a cloud that employees can choose to access. Companies can put systems and procedures in place to ensure that data is correctly managed and processed.

AI-based recruiting:

HR managers get a high number of applications to scan through but not enough time to do so. AI-based recruiting software reduces manual recruitment processes and filters out resumes that are unqualified for the role. AI can be programmed to look for certain skills and phrases in a resume that fit the vacant position.

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