7 Tips For Choosing A Business Name

Coming up with a business name is a vital part of starting a business. A business name has a huge impact on how your customers will view your business as it is the first thing customers will remember about you. You will need to ensure that it is memorable. Here are 7 tips for choosing a business name!

Avoid names that are hard to spell: 

You don’t want your potential customers to get confused trying to spell the name of your business. Picking a name that can be spelt easily will prevent your business name from constantly being misspelt.

Use Shopify name generator

Shopify’s free naming brand generator lets you jump from naming your brand to securing the domain name, to starting your small business – all in a few clicks.

Don’t pick a name that limits your business:

 You want to make sure your business name is not tied to a specific product or place, as this could box you later on if you choose to expand.

Pick a name that conveys something: 

You want your business name to convey something positive that is related to your business. Although some brands get away with catchy names that mean nothing, it is preferable to choose a meaningful name.

Say possible names out loud: 

A name might look good on a paper, but when said out loud, sounds awkward. Make sure that when said out loud, it can easily be understood and spelt. 


Sit and have an idea of what you’d like your business name to present and what sort of name you’re going for, a creative or quirky one? Or something more serious, depending on the type of business. Write down a few ideas and get people around you involved.

Make sure it sets you apart:

 You want to make sure your business name sets you apart from competitors. Do your research to find if there are any similar names out there. You don’t want to pick a name someone else has used or one that sounds similar to avoid confusion. 

Check laws: 

Depending on your country, certain words or expressions might not be allowed. Do thorough research and find out rules in your country for choosing business names.

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