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How Technology Is Revolutionizing Art

Artists have always sought new ways to express their creativity. They are transforming the typical paint, brush and canvas ways of expressing themselves. The development of technology has had a

Hiring: Business Development Officer

Heckerbella Limited is Hiring! Role: Business Development Officer About Us Heckerbella Limited is a digital transformation company that enables African decision-makers to define the future. We work with our clients

Hiring: Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager will be responsible for growing, developing, andmanaging Heckerbella Limited’s businesses. Seek new business opportunities bycontacting and developing relationships with potential customers. Job Description • Generate leads

Top Technology Trends of 2022

Every year, Gartner identifies technology trends that are critical to businesses. This year, they have compiled “12 top technology trends of 2022 that will enable CEOs to deliver growth, digitalisation

How To Hire For Culture

When making recruiting decisions, it’s important to not only make decisions purely on skills. You want to ensure that the candidate will be a great cultural addition. It is not

How to choose the right CRM

How To Choose The Right CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are known to help in fueling the growth of your business. This is why businesses of all sizes turn to them to help in achieving