Five Inspiring Nigerian Women

In celebration of International Women’s day, we have compiled a list to celebrate women in Nigeria who inspire us. It is no secret that being a woman in a patriarchal and misogynistic country like Nigeria comes with its challenges. These women have risen above the system and made us proud of their achievements. So, here are five inspiring Nigerian women.

Ola Brown

Five inspiring Nigerian women, Ola Brown

 Is a medical doctor, healthcare entrepreneur and founder of Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Group. Which is West Africa’s first air operated emergency medical service in Lagos Nigeria (Flying Doctors Nigeria). She has spoken at various platforms around the world, including the World Economic Forum, TED Global Conference, The European Union and the Swiss Economic Forum, to mention a few.

Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Five inspiring Nigerian women

Is an economist and international development expert who currently serves as the director-general of the World Trade Organisation. She is the first woman and the first African to hold the office. She has also served two terms as the finance minister of Nigeria and was the first woman to do so. She sits on the boards of Standard Chartered Bank and Twitter. During her 25 years at the World Bank, she is credited with spearheading several initiatives to assist low-income countries. Her economic reforms had a far-reaching impact and saved Nigeria at a critical period.

Yemi Keri

Yemi Keri, Five inspiring Nigerian women

Yemi Keri is one of the foremost women in Technology in Nigeria. She is the CEO of Heckerbella Limited a business transformation company and a partner at Holmen consulting, a business consulting firm. She is responsible for the implementation of the Biometric Identification, Time & Attendance and Payroll Automation System (BIPATAS) for over 80,000 Delta State paid staff and pensioners. She is also a co-founder of Rising Tide Africa, an Angel Investing network that aims to invest in female-led businesses.  She has had over 21 years of experience working in IT and Telecommunications and is on the board of the Nigeria-German chamber of commerce.

Bilikiss Abiola

Bilikiss Abiola, womens day

Is the CEO of the Lagos recycling company Wecyclers. While studying at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) she came up with an idea to collect and recycle rubbish from households in Lagos. Once the rubbish is sorted, the company sends an SMS to the household informing them of how many points they have earned. These points can be converted for food and cleaning products. The company works in partnership with the Lagos Waste Management Authority.

Dr Stella Chinyelu Okoli

Dr Stella Chinyelu Okoli, Five inspiring Nigerian women

Is a pharmacist and entrepreneur. She is the founder and current CEO of Emzor Pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Nigeria. Emzor has become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria with over 50 products since its incorporation in 1984. Dr Okoli has since emerged as one of Nigeria’s women billionaires in the business world. After the death of her son, Chike, Dr Okoli started the Chike Okoli foundation in 2006 as a non-profit organization founded to fight poverty and diseases by raising awareness on cardiovascular disease.

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