How To Hire For Culture

When making recruiting decisions, it’s important to not only make decisions purely on skills. You want to ensure that the candidate will be a great cultural addition. It is not only for the benefit of the team but also for the candidates. A candidate might prefer a different kind of work environment. You will find they quickly become dissatisfied with their role and will end up resigning. Here are some tips on how to hire for culture:

Ensure your company has clear values

 In any organisation, there should be a clear understanding of what the founders and management hold as important. These will help to determine the sort of behaviour employees will be expected to uphold. Company values help in boosting your company culture.

Include it in your recruitment process

In the initial job ad, ensure your company values are written clearly at the end. During the interview, discuss what is important to your organisation with candidates and ask questions relating directly to these values. These could be questioning what they thought about the values and which ones resonated with candidates the most.

Have an informal initial call

It is easier to see if a candidate will be a great cultural addition through an informal chat. These could be a virtual first stage meeting where you can learn about a candidate and find out their work style and interests. A candidate will be willing to share more about themselves and their passion during a more informal conversation.

Avoid personal similarities

When hiring for culture, personal similarities should be avoided, as this could lead to discrimination. Personal similarities include; age, citizenship status, health, ethnic background. These factors should not be used to determine cultural fit. The end goal should be to hire a candidate whose skills and attributes match the organisations core values.

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