Simple HR for increased productivity.

TimAtend is our HR solution offering time tracking and productivity analytics that are user friendly for employees. Enhance job accountability while enabling everyone to perform better.


Equipped with the features you need

Safe and Secure Biometrics
TimAtend enables youregister your employees fingerprints and images for easy verification and identification during clock-in and clock-out.
Geo-lock your device
With TimAtend you are ensured that yourdevice will only work at your designated locations.
360 Degree view
At one glance, gain deep insight into yourworkplace productivity levels as a whole. Dig deeper down into departments andthe individual level.
Manage Payroll
Setup and manage thepayments of your employees using TimAtends Payroll feature. Carry out deductions and integrate various allowances and benefits for your workers.
24/7 Support
We provide an support.

why timatend

Track KPIs

Managers can create KPI’s for employees and keep track of their deliverables. Track, grade and view reports on the various deliverables for individuals or departments.

Keep record of employee

Use your fingerprint to clock in and out of the workplace and accurately register work hours. Manage leaves, create individual shifts, and view the history