Top 5 Web Development Trends in 2021

Here are the top 5 web development trends in 2021 to look out for. Technology continues to evolve as we look for ways to improve processes and do things faster. Web developers are looking ahead to discover new technologies to transform the industry.  

Artificial intelligence and machine learning adoption:

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for websites to display relevant information for users. This happens by collecting information about users which helps to make their searches more relevant. By implementing this technology, you can serve the interest of your consumers appropriately.

Voice search optimization:

Voice search optimization is a leading web development trend for 2021. There has been an acceleration in demand and supply which can be seen with Amazons Alexa, and Apples Siri. A study by Juniper Research found that digital voice assistants use will triple to 8 million by 2023, driven by smart home devices. In the coming years, more apps will incorporate this feature to improve search convenience for users.  

Progressive web applications will replace native mobile apps:

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) offer numerous advantages so their use will increase. The user experience is unmatchable so with increased usage of mobile devices, we should expect brands to keep up with this trend. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) enable websites to load quickly and still work offline.

A mobile-first approach:

 A mobile-first approach in web development has gained traction in recent years. The number of mobile users has surpassed the number of people using a desktop. Google is also considering mobile-optimized design as a ranking factor and improved performance on search engine results.

Cybersecurity will grow in importance

According to Cloudflare, the number of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in 2020 has doubled each quarter. In a DDoS attack, hackers overwhelm a targeted server with a flood of malicious internet traffic. This can lead to hours of downtime and loss of revenue. Furthermore, as more companies and employees come online, businesses and individuals will invest more in cybersecurity to protect themselves.

We’ve given you the top 5 web development trends in 2021! We know how difficult it can be to keep up with trends in the industry. Visit our website to learn more about digitalizing your business


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